Zines & Media

Radically Disfigured Zines

The zines below are produced by your co-hosts, Lex and Charlie. For a list of ours and other zines, visit our resources page and find Zines/Chapbooks under "Print Media by Category."

#1. Stop Erasing Disfigurement from your Disability Politics by your angry, facially disfigured friends, Charlie Manzano and Lex Rivers: A guide on how to make your disability organizing more disfigurement-friendly.

Stop Erasing Disfigurement from your Disability Politics-5.pdf

#2. The Real by Charlie Manzano: A personal zine discussing experiences with cancer and facial disfigurement.

The Real.pdf

#3. ugly by Lex Rivers: A poetry zine exploring transgender, cancer, and facial disfigurement experiences

Ugly E-zine.pdf